The Principality of Andorra is small in size, big in services.


Andorra’s tax framework is one of the most competitive in Europe.

The highest rate of corporate tax, personal income tax or non-resident income tax is 10%, and the highest rate of VAT (IGI) is 4.5%.

We also have Double Taxation Agreements with several countries, including Spain, France, Portugal, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, United Arab Emirates, Malta and Cyprus, and are negotiating an association agreement with the EU, to allow Andorra access to the European domestic market.

Since 2012, there are no restrictions on foreign investment. Companies can be formed entirely of foreign natural or legal persons and managed by non-residents. Over the last few years, foreign investment has increased by over 250%.

Andorra has also attracted professional sportspeople, who have discovered the ideal country to live in, not only for its security, tranquillity, high living standards and low taxation, but also for the benefits of training at altitude. Recently, many internet professionals and new technologies have also chosen Andorra as their residence, from where they can practise their profession and channel their investments.